ImmunoWars Board Game

Discover the world's most infectious board game: ImmunoWars. The favourite scientific board game in 26 countries. Whether you are young, old, doctor, biologist or board game fanatic, ImmunoWars is a game for everyone. Infect your friends with the world's deadliest viruses and awful bacteria. Protect yourself with medicine, gear and a good immune system. Good luck, doctor!

ImmunoWars Board Game

In 4 years, we have developed The Most Infectious Board game on the planet. Now with our first STD Boosterpack. We have developed the perfect board game for everyone who wants to have fun. ImmunoWars is a board game based on immunology, infectious diseases and science. The game consists of +100 unique cards, health and energy tokens, playing board and dice. The game can be played by 2-6 players. Depending on the chosen game mode, a regular game gives 30-60 minutes full of fun. If you are in doubt, you're welcome to visit one of the +50 game stores which sells our game. You can see, touch, and get advice from one of our board game specialists. Let's get viral!

Best Board Game Of The Year

ImmunoWars is the Game of Year 2022 of the game store De Vliegershop in the Netherlands. ImmunoWars is not only famous because it was the best-selling game in 2022. As the gamification of science takes center stage, ImmunoWars emerges as a frontrunner, offering players a unique and immersive experience.

  • Educative Board Game: Not just a game, but a learning experience. Dive deep into the intricacies of infectious diseases and the wonders of immunology, all while having fun.
  • A Table Top Game with a Twist: While the world is filled with table top games, ImmunoWars stands out with its blend of strategy and the gamification of science, making it a must-have for every enthusiast.
  • Scientific Exploration: Beyond just gameplay, ImmunoWars is a scientific board game that offers players a chance to explore and understand complex concepts in a simplified and engaging manner.
  • For the Curious Minds: Perfect for those who love the fusion of science and gaming. ImmunoWars is not just a table top game, but a journey into the world of infectious diseases.
  • Educative and Fun: Ranked among top educative board games, ImmunoWars ensures that learning is never boring.
  • Gamification at its Best: Experience the gamification of science like never before, making complex concepts accessible and enjoyable.

Board game praised by everyone

It's no coincidence that ImmunoWars was named the Game of the Year 2022 by the game store De Vliegershop in Leiden. ImmunoWars is 100% scientifically accurate, making it a favorite among PhDs, lab technicians, and healthcare workers in the Netherlands. Originating from the Bio-Science Park in Leiden, ImmunoWars is now played in 26 countries. On Google, ImmunoWars is rated with 5 stars, and on BoardGameGeek with a 7-star rating. ImmunoWars isn't just for those familiar with healthcare or the pharmaceutical industry. ImmunoWars is loved by children, teenagers, families and elderly. Since everything is explained on the cards themselves, no prior knowledge is required.


Attack your opponents with infectious viruses and terrifying bacteria. Defend yourself with the most powerful drugs, immune cells and equipment. But be on your guard! Unexpected twists in the game due to random events can change the plot. Be sure to dodge the consequences of trap cards and surprise your opponent by mutating viruses or bacteria. Good luck doctor!

Our Mission

ImmunoWars gamifies medical science and in this way science is presented in a fun. During the game you learn about infectious diseases, what symptoms are caused by certain viruses and bacteria, and how you can treat yourselves with medicine. Gamification of science is truly important, because science is too complicated for the broad public. Because science is not always well understood, there is a lack of understanding. This lack of understanding leads to the misinformation in this world. Take the corona pandemic as an example. By educating people about infectious diseases ImmunoWars makes medical science, biology and immunology comprehensible and tangible.