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What is ImmunoWars?

Infect Your Friends in ImmunoWars ‘The Most Infectious Card Game’ is a highly strategic game based on science, medicine, and real world monsters called ‘viruses and bacteria’. The game is a mixture of dark humor, entertainment, cool visual content, unique mechanics, and amazing educational value. It is played by 2-6 players from which only one can be the last survivor.

Have no mercy by causing mass outbreaks, sneezing over people, and initiate biowarfare by spreading HIV, salmonella, ebola, chlamydia, hepatitis, and much more! Want to be the last one standing? Protect yourselves by using labgear, vaccines, medicine, and a strong immune system!

ImmunoWars is out since 25 March 2022 after being succesful on Kickstarter thanks to all our supporters! The game is developed and produced in the Netherlands, and all information in the game is 100% scientifically accurate to make it a reflection of the real world. Learn what infections exist on planet Earth, and what can be done, and not done against them (yet)!

Can’t wait to infect your friends?
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Check out the ImmunoWars trailer below!
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The Cards

The Good

Protect yourself by developing a strong immune system, getting a kickass hazmat suit, or hoarding a truckload full of medicine like the craziest doomsday prepper out there!

The Bad

Attack and defeat your enemies by infecting them with a host of pathogens. From ‘It’ just the flu” all the way to ebola. We’ve got bioweapons fit for every supervillian! 

The Sneaky

Is subtlety more your style? Here are many ways to get ahead of your foes. Hack & leak their medical data, force them into quarantine, or orchestrate an “accident” with dangerous chemicals!

Immune System


ImmunoWars offers you & your friends a game of action packed biowarfare.  The game supports 2-6 players & the average duration – depending on the number of players – is 30 to 90 minutes of high octane gameplay. 

Random Event


Featuring 108 unique cards and 6.022×1023 ways to crush your puny enemies, playing ImmunoWars provides you an unique experience with every session, ensuring tons of replay value.



Intricate strategy combined with dice keeps you on your toes as you never know when something awesome – or absolutely terrible – may happen to you. There is no single winning strategy: you must improvise and adapt to overcome.

Joker Scientist


Eager to learn something new about diseases & your immune system? Or are you a joker who loves to troll by giving your friends genital crabs? ImmunoWars offers the best of both worlds for sarcastic supervillains & the scientifically curious.

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How Does It Work?

The goal is simple: kill all other players while staying alive.

How do you achieve this? Easy  


1)   Build your glorious arsenal of bioweapons


2)   Gather enough energy (ATP) to use those weapons  

   Don’t forget to hold on to a stash of medicine and
 protective gear, in case of fools daring to attack you

   Rain down terror on your pitiful foes & watch them 
drop like flies

   Kick someone who’s down, steal some precious blood
from an ICU patient (but beware contagious infections!)

   Kill your enemies by depleting their final Health Tokens (HP)

   Victory is yours

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Brief History

October 21th, 2019. Times were simpler. Pandemic was not everyone’s least favourite word yet. ImmunoWars did not exist – yet. In short, business as usual. We were having a small drink while contemplating cool/stupid ideas when, in a flash of crazy-scientist inspiration, we came up with an idea involving a game featuring the everlasting war between the immune system & pathogenic invaders. After incubating the idea for a while, ImmunoWars was officially born! 

The last 2 years have been a wild rollercoaster ride. Many beautiful highs but also extremely interesting challenges & heavy struggles. Not least because this pandemic, which – in spite of the huge awareness it created for infectious diseases – has forced us to adapt our game development in a world where offline tabletop events are hard to come by. Luckily, we’ve been able to rigorously playtest our game mechanics before the heaviest lockdown period hit the Netherlands, learning much in the process. 

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Suggest a Card
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ImmunoWars ‘The Most Infectious Cardgame’ is a game based on infectious diseases, immunology, and science with a mix of education, satire, and mostly entertainment. The base game contains tokens and 108 unique designed cards including bad cards like viruses and bacteria, sneaky cards like trapcards and action cards, and good cards like immunocards, armour, medicine, vaccines, and much more!

ImmunoWars supports 2-6 players in order to achieve the best experience.

ImmunoWars advises a minimum age of 16+ because the game includes diseases, satire, dark humour, and it can be complex to play for children. 

The pre-ordering era has ended! ImmunoWars is officially available through our website now! In the near future, we will be listed at in the Netherlands, and in physical game stores in the Netherlands. We are doing our best infecting the world, so if you know a store which would really like the game, please let us know!

Yes, but only if the parcel carrier companies are able to access the uninhabited island you are surviving on. If you are low on food over there because you have been fishing for several years causing the shore to be empty, let us know. We will send you some food with the game because you will be so busy having fun that you will have no time for throwing spears to animals or catching fish with harpoons or your bare hands. 

For sure! Good question! The first edition will only be available in English. After this, we will translate the game in order of the languages having the highest amount of interest!  

ImmunoWars is created in such a way that everyone is able to play the game, also without any knowledge of biology, medicine, or other sciences. The simple game mechanics together with a high variety of unique cards and strategies makes the game ‘easy to learn – hard to master’. Our experience in the play testing phase have shown that everyone understands the game after a few minutes to one round of playing.

Yes, for b2b-purchases send a message to and together we will find the best plan and prices for you!

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Contact us

If you have any questions, please first check our FAQ: it contains a beaker full of wisdom.

For any questions not found here (of both microscopic and planetary stature).

Feel free to contact us