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ImmunoWars ‘The Most Infectious Card Game’ is an initiative to gamify education in the field of infectious diseases, science, and medicine. We are based in The Netherlands, and our team yet consists out of two people; Mr. White & Mr. Black, all infectious diseases in the world, and our lovely partners adventuring with us.

Mr. White

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We could not have done what we did without our partners. Peaking at all fronts with just Mr. White & Mr. Black to make ImmunoWars reality was reached with the help of our pool of professionals, companies, and friends below.

Media Presence

We happily infected several media channels with our initiative. Some of which have been stated below, and we hope we may distribute gamification of education in the field of infectious diseases, medicine, and science even further! 


Various game reviewers have been playing and reviewing ImmunoWars. Check out what they say about the game by visiting their content!